In addition to our extensive line-up of wall and roof panels we also have available secondary structural members:  purlins and girts.   Cold formed structural cee’s and zee’s range from 16 gauge to 12  gauge and depths from 4″ to 12″ in either red oxide or galvanized.

• Purlin – These components are “zee” shaped and serve to support the roof systems and transfer the roof  loads to the rafters.

• Girts – These components are “zee” shaped and are connected horizontally to the main frame columns and  between endwall columns.

• Eave Struts – These components are “cee” shaped cold-formed members. The eave strut provides an attachment  and bearing points for the end of the roofing systems and wall panels.

• Angle – This component is used in various areas throughout the building and consists of a width and height dimension.

• Channel – This component is shaped like a “cee” without a inside lip.

• Bracing – Adequate bracing helps to stabilize the building system in a lengthwise direction.



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